Jan 6th  Benelli Ultralight  12ga $615


 Dale Sell  Central City, NE
Jan 13th  Howa 22-250 Mod. 1500pkg. Snow camo $265


 Tom Langbehn  Durant, Iowa
Jan 20th Remington-S/S 20 ga. Model SPR 210 $160


 Leroy Kleinsasser  Wessington, SD
Jan 27th  Ruger 77 Hawkeye SS/Syn .243 $260


 Laura Bergquist  Wolsey, SD
Feb 3rd Savage 93R.17 Lam/blued $165


 Tom Reynolds  Tampa, FL
Feb 10th Remington-O/U 12 ga. Model SPR-310 $240


 Tim Engel  Otsego, MN
Feb 17th  Brwning .270 Stlker BAR Syn/blued/auto $425


 Mel Moeding  Huron, SD
Feb 24th  Remington 870 Wingmaster 12 ga. 3" $290


 Ryan/Lyle Sprecher  Wolsey, SD
Mar 3rd Howa .25-06 Model 1500 SS/Syn $230


 Dale Krueger  Huron, SD
Mar 10th Browning .22 Lever Model BL 22 $215


 Al Decker  Huron, SD
Mar 17th Winchester Super X3 12 ga./3 1/2"/Syn $430


 Joe Brinkman  Huron, SD
Mar 24th Marlin .17 917 vs-lam/SS $140


Kenny Weber  Dimock, SD
Mar 31st Weatherby Upland SA-08 Wood/20 ga. $250


 Jody Moeller  Shelton, NE
Apr 7th Remington .30-06 Model700CDL Wal/matte  $350


Apr 14th CZ Ringneck S/S 12ga. $405


 Greg Vincent/Heath G  Huron, SD
Apr 21st  Ruger Mark II .223 SS/lam $280


 Bob Buchheim  Volga, SD
Apr 28th  Benelli Nova Black Syn/20ga. $170


 Brenda Purintun  Huron, SD
May 5th Ruger 10-22 Target Lam/blued $160


 Troy Barkema  Mochanlasville, IA
May12th Benelli Super Black Eagle 12ga. 3 1/2" $610      
May 19th Stevens 22-250 Model 200 camo $170      
May 26th Weatherby Upland Pump Walnut/20ga. $140      
June 2nd Remington Super Mag Model H-87 12ga./camo $400      
June 9th Savage .223 Model 16 SS/Syn $275      
June 16th Browning BPS 20ga. $205      
June 23rd Remington .308 Model 750 Syn/blued $285      
June 30th Benelli Super Nova Camo/12ga./3 1/2" $240      
July 7th Remington .270 Model 770 SS/Camo $200      
July 14th  CZ Woodcok O/U 12ga. Case colored $480      
July 21st Browning .22 Lever Model BL 22 $215      
July 28th Weatherby Upland SA-08 Wood/12ga. $250      
Aug 4th Remington .243 700SPS Syn/SS $270      
Aug 11th Weatherby Upland pump Walnut/12ga. $140      
Aug 18th Savage 93R.17 Lam/SS/Thumb $165      
Aug 25th Benelli Nova Black Syn/20ga. $170      
Sept 1st Remington 870 Exp./camo/Supermag waterfowl 12ga. $215      
Sept 8th Remington 25-06 Model 700CDL Walnut/matte $355      
Sept 15th Ruger 77 Hawkeye SS/Syn 7mm-08 $260      
Sept 22nd Benelli Super Nova Camo/12ga./3 1/2" $240      
Sept 29th Remington Model 1100 20ga. $400      
Oct 6th Browning BPS 20ga. $205      
Oct 13th Winchester Super X3 12 ga./3 1/2"/Syn $430      
Oct 20th CZ Redhead O/U 12ga. 3" $375      
Oct 27th Remington Woodmaster Model 750/.243 auto $325      
Nov 3rd Browning 30-06 BAR Longtra/Walnut $405      
Nov 10th Ruger 77 Hawkeye .270/blued/walnut $260      
Nov 17th Howa 1500 25-06/blued/syn $190      
Nov 24th Browning .308 Stalker BAR Syn/blued/auto $425      
Dec 1st Beretta O/U 12ga. White Onyx $700      
Dec 8th Remington 12 ga. 870 Wingmaster Pump $290      
Dec 15th Stevens .223 Model 200 camo $170      
Dec 22nd Remington 30-06 Model 770 SS/Camo $200      
Dec 29th Browning 270 BAR Longtra/Walnut $405      
Dec 31st Weatherby O/U Athena D'italia IV Walnut/engr-game scene $1,000      

Rules for the Onward Wolsey Calendar Drawings

·         Each winner will be responsible for sales tax on the gun they win.

·         Each winner will be responsible for all costs if the gun needs to be shipped to a different dealer.

·         Each winner must be 18 years of age to purchase a calendar.

·         All unsold tickets and guns will become the property of Onward Wolsey.

·         All winners will be called at the end of each month.

·         Each winner will receive a ticket in the mail with an Onward Wolsey seal.

·         No ticket will be honored at Simons Outdoor Sports unless the Onward Wolsey seal is on it.

·         All guns to be picked up at Simons Outdoor Sports unless arrangements are made with owner.

·         Arrangements must be made with Simons Outdoor Sports within 60 days of phone notification.

·         All Federal, State and Local Firearms regulations must be met by winner prior to receiving gun.

·         If the winner does not meet the firearm regulations they will receive the cash amount for their prize. 

·         To receive cash prize or purchase a calendar call 605-883-4413(Michelle) or 605-883-4649(Laura).

·         Each calendar # is entered for each gun drawing.  Calendar # may win more than once.

·         There will be NO refunds on any sold calendars.

·         Onward Wolsey will replace any discontinued or back ordered guns with a gun of equal value.

·         The drawing for all guns will be held on 1/1/2010 at the Wolsey Community Center.




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